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Predict Road Collisions.
Save Lives and Costs.

Highways Authorities have a near impossible task when managing road risk.

Road networks are ever changing, with diminishing returns on collision data, inaccurate source data, pressure from elected members and residents, and low (and decreasing) funding to effectively prioritise the optimal locations for remediation.

RedOptima generates objective and consistent underlying collision risk analytics for the entire road network without the need for further collisions to occur.

This method delivers extra defensibility for your decision making, especially considering STATS19/FARS can be unreliable and is heavily underreported.

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Challenges Highways Authorities face when managing collision risk.

Join the ground-breaking British and American Highways Authorities predicting road collisions.

Road Safety Education & Engineering Teams

Prioritise programmes with precision. Unlock nuances in underlying risk with RedOptima's 60+ influence factors for any given point on the road network.

Highways Development Control (Section 106)

Reliably secure investment from developers on proposals impacting road safety suing RedOptima data analytics on undetected latent risk.

Strategic Transport & Active Travel

Plan Policy with unprecedented defensible Big Data. Strategically locate cycling programmes to hit decarbonisation goals safely. 

Asset Management

Gather simultaneous, network-wide evaluation of your assets like road condition and street lighting and uniquely, it's objective impact on collision risk. 

The Product

Data Analytics. Visualise Undetected Risk.

Import our product - data analytics, into your existing GIS system or into Microsoft Excel® and begin absorbing greater insight into every single road in your network - regardless of size, road classification and whether it has had a collision or not.

Work with Us.

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