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Market leading predictive collision risk insights 

RedOptima targets High Cost Low Frequency events involving injury or death by accurately predicting collision risk likelihood.

We harness cutting-edge remotely sensed data, physical modelling, and machine learning/AI to evaluate underlying collision risk without further collisions needing to occur - anywhere on the road network, at any time.


Accuracy of predicting collision and non-collisions.


More sensitive collision prediction than models using only driver demographics and time of day


Learn where and why collisions are most likely to happen on any road network without relying on collision history.

Statistically reliable 
and consistent

Consistent and statistically reliable predictions of collision likelihood at any given point on a road network.

Evaluate Risk factors

Consistently analyse 60+ predictors of collision risk

True Proactivity

Better ascertain the underlying risk of any location without waiting for collisions to occur


High fidelity driver

visibility modelling

Accounts for geographical and built environment impairing hazard perception and driver line-of-sight.

Work With Us Now

If you are a Road and Traffic Authority, Original Equipment Manufacturer, an Automotive (re)Insurer, or a municipal insurer/risk pool then learn how you can work with us.

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