About Us

Calculating vehicle collision risk on the road network at any given point in space and time.

RedOptima’s mission is to reduce the number of road collisions, caused by controllable objective factors such as road features and the influence of road conditions.  


Our ground-breaking technology

RedOptima harnesses Machine Learning and Big Data technologies to provide industry leading transport performance benchmarks and real-time risk profiling of transportation assets.


We work with Road and Traffic Authorities (RTAs), Automotive OEMs, Drivers, and Automotive Insurers to provide unparalleled analytics through our SaaS technology.


The principle innovation that RedOptima delivers is hitherto unachievable contextual fidelity in collision risk calculation for transportation assets. Vastly improved collision risk calculations mean fewer injuries and deaths on roads and lower average insurance premiums for drivers. 

Our unique operational structure. 

Headquartered in London, UK, RedOptima has gathered an outstanding group of Software Engineers, Data Scientists, and Physicists to develop a market leading road infrastructure data analytics and physical modelling platform. We are a close-knit team endeavouring to solve some of the industry’s most intractable research and engineering challenges.


RedOptima is a spin-out of BlueOptima which is a successful high growth technology business with offices in London and New York that provides analytics and benchmarks on the performance of software engineers. A decade of Research & Development has culminated in BlueOptima's highly sophisticated ability to quantify, benchmark, and analyse Coding Effort based on source code change. 


BlueOptima is currently in hypergrowth with headcount and top line revenue more than doubling year-on-year in recent years. What is more remarkable is that this growth is cash flow positive and profitable (i.e. not achieved by spending external growth capital such as VC funds). The technologies, techniques, and approaches to analysing vast quantities of objective data quantifying human behaviour employed in BlueOptima has inspired the technology behind RedOptima.

Image by Bethany Legg