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Our Product

We provide market leading real-time collision risk insights 

RedOptima harness Machine Learning and Big Data technologies to provide data analytics evaluating collision risk. We focus on truly understanding the objective and controllable antecedents to road vehicle collisions by using remotely sensed data sources.  

We exploit diverse high fidelity 

data sources

Our unique data sources include:

 Satellite Sensor Data

Meteorological nNetworks

Cutting-edge high fidelity Physical Models 


Data Source

The RedOptima Revolution

The contextual factors surrounding a transportation vehicle accident event can be directly controlled or can be avoided. These contextual factors change

over different time-scales.


 Shorter term factors such as weather and ambient light are referred to as road Conditions - these vary

over minutes and hours.


Longer term factors such as the immediate built environment and road gradient are known as Features - these vary over days, weeks, months, and years.   

Hyper-local weather conditions like rain impact visibility and road surface traction.

Proximity of buildings to roads impacting road visibility is another example of road Features increasing accident risk probability.

RedOptima’s real-time industry specific insights into collision risk by modelling the immediate vicinity of each vehicle. RedOptima saves you costs by giving you the information you need to mitigating risks associated with injuries and deaths on the road.  

Explore how our product can help your organisation now. 

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