Traffic Long Exposure

RTA Order Form

RedOptima Data Analytics Order Form

This is a request form for RTA subscribers to order their RedOptima data analytics to be delivered via email.

Which File Format would you like your shapefiles delivered in? PLEASE NOTE: ESRI Shapefiles have a 10 character limit on data column names and will result in use of shortened column names.
Within the above date range, decide year inclusion for your exports. PLEASE NOTE: It is advised to have a minimum 3 years (Consecutive years, or otherwise) to maintain a good level of sampling. If you want multiple exports, then please complete seperate order forms.
Decide Month ranges. PLEASE NOTE: Month range(s) selected will be applied to all years within year range if selected above.
Pick the dataset
Pick the Geometry
Pick Day/Night aggregation. PLEASE NOTE: Based on sun being above horizon.
Pick the Geographic area. PLEASE NOTE: You must upload a file with coordinates and/or relevant shapefile with accompanying data files if the second option is picked.
Upload File
Road Network Exclusions
Pick Summary Statistics Metrics
Pick Influence Factor Groupings. PLEASE refer to Data Dictionary for more contex around Influence Factors
Optionally pick Influence Factor Grouping Breakout. PLEASE refer to Data Dictionary for more context around Influence Factors akout
Pick Modal Type. PLEASE NOTE sampling size will reduce with dissagregation

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